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Data Mining Information - The Data Mine

Welcome to the Users web


Welcome to The Data Mine, established in 1994 to provide high quality information about Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.

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What is Data Mining?

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In essence, Data Mining is the use of computers to help make sense of information. Typically, special techniques are used to find patterns in data. For more detail see this good overview article on Data Mining .

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Data Mining Software

Users Web Utilities


We maintain a List of Data Mining Software. This includes both Free Data Mining Software and Commercial Data Mining Software. You can also add information about data mining software.


Organizations involved in Data Mining


We also hold information on Data Mining Companies and Data Mining Research Groups in our Organizations Directory


Looking for Information?


There are 5 seperate Data Mining topic areas (known as "webs"), each with an index (see below). You could also start with the Introduction To Data Mining or
Search The Data Mine:


Popular pages include: Data Mining Books And Papers, OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) , Data Mining Journals, Data Mining Tutorials, Data Sources.

Topic Areas
Data Mining Software (index )
Data Mining Events (index )
Data Mining General/Misc (index )
People working in Data Mining (index)
Data Mining Companies and Organizations (index )

Updating and Adding Information*


The Data Mine has always succeeded with input from the data mining community. We make use of the Foswiki tool to make adding and editing information pretty simple (see: Welcome Guest).


First, you'll need to Register (User Registration), then find out How to Add and Edit.


More information can be found in How To Use The Data Mine. Backups are kept of all the previous versions of pages (see numbered links at the bottom of each page), so any mistakes can be easily sorted out.


Disclaimer - The information provided here does not neccessarily represent my opinions. Much of the information has been provided by other people, but does not necessarily represent their opinions or those of their companies or organisations.

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