Equity Decision Systems

Equity Decision Systems specializes in bringing predictive models to your organization. Our mission is to help you take advantage of data you already have by turning it into concrete actions. We are experts in handling large complex data sets and in integrating predictive modeling into an organization.

What We Do?

Most companies are very good at collecting and storing data, but have very little knowledge about turning data into actions that can save or make money. We go far beyond business intelligence solutions by building usable solutions which drive actions. Equity Decision Systems specializes in building predictive models to produce a positive return on investment (ROI).


Donor IQSM

Bring fudraising analytics to a new level. Improve the profitability of your direct mail fundraising campaigns by using advanced predictive models

Donor IQ is the ultimate fundraising analytics tool. It utilizes proprietary predictive modeling techniques to help direct mail fundraisers increase net donations. The power of Donor IQ comes from its ability to process, manage, and detect patterns in hundreds of millions of solicitations and donations to find the most likely donors for a house mailing or a prospect mailing.

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Areas of Consulting Experience

Direct Mailing

Targeted Marketing - targeted marketing models use test samples for mass mailing to identify target subpopulations that are likely to respond to ads. These models identify small portions of the public that contain a large portion of the potential customers. These techniques save significant money on advertising though the mail.

Fundraising - identifying individuals who are the most likey to contruibute to a fundraising campaign can result in many more donations for the same up-front costs.


Claims Reserving - Historical data collected on millions of workers compensation claims was used to develop models that predict the ultimate cost of a newly opened workers compensation claim. These Techniques have been used on over 30% of all newly arising workers compensation claims in the U.S.

Subrogation - Subrogation is the identification of another party that is liable on an insurance claim. Data collected from several large insurance companies was used to build models that predict the likelihood of another party being involved in an insurance claim. These techniques help to identify millions of dollars in liability by other parties.

Insurance Fraud - Insurance fraud is committed daily on all types of insurance lines. Models have been constructed to identify fraudulent or abusive claims in works compensation insurance, health insurance, and auto insurance.


Home Loan Approval and Pricing Systems - Approving and pricing a home loan requires a good estimation of the future ability to pay. Models have been developed that estimate the likelihood of load default to provide the lender with a consistent and sensible method of pricing and approving loans.

Credit Card Fraud - Fraud models monitor More than 60% of all credit card transactions. This is a huge success story for predictive models. Credit card fraud models not only prevent fraud on an individual transaction, they give card users more security, and provide a major deterrent to thieves.

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