You need information - but how do you get at it?

As a professional working in today's competitive world, you'll be very aware of the importance of concise and relevant information to the decision-making and planning process. Yet it's surprising how many people still rely on "gut feel" rather than hard fact because they don't have the information they really need.

Most organisations possess large amounts of archive data which contains strategically valuable knowledge. The problem is, how do you get at the bits you're interested in without having to wade through reams of computer printouts; spending hours rekeying data or asking an overworked IT department to commit valuable time and money in producing special reports?

Monarch - simple but effective!

Monarch is a unique and easy-to-use data access and analysis software tool which provides you with a fast, convenient way of exploiting corporate information. Routine tasks which take days, can be finished in hours.

The data most people need is already found in reports. Just download a report file (it doesn't matter how, when or where it was created) and input it into Monarch where it is displayed as live data on your screen. Select the data you want to extract; explore and manipulate it and create your own custom report! No more wading through reams of computer printouts; spending hours rekeying data or asking your IT department to produce special reports.

Monarch can display reports on screen with the same look and feel as hard copy print outs - you can zoom, scroll, page, jump and even turn on a greenbar display. Once you have utilised filter commands to extract pertinent data, you can create custom reports, including charts and graphs, in a variety of formats and send formatted data to your spreadsheet, database and other desktop applications.

Examples of how Monarch can help . . .

A payroll administrator uses Monarch to pull medical insurance data out of payroll reports. Monarch lets the administrator organise the data to create new reports showing total contributions for each employee.

A webmaster uses Monarch to analyse log flies produced on an organisation's web servers, e-mail servers and proxy servers.

Use Monarch to extract data from SAP R/3 sales reports for analysis in Microsoft Excel. Open multiple monthly sales reports in a single Monarch session, analyse the data together (i.e. trending analysis etc.) and export the combined data to Excel as well.

IT benefits as well!

IT managers welcome Monarch because it leverages the corporate investment in legacy systems. Just as important, demand for custom reports will dramatically drop cutting project backlog and freeing up programming resources.

There are over 500,000 people using Monarch throughout the world in organisations large and small, in accounting, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, government agencies and more.
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