The Knowledge Access Suite and The Data Mining Suite (Information Discovery, Inc.) -

The Knowledge Access Suite\x99 has delivered the first and only set of products ever to provide business users with a gateway to knowledge that has been pre-distilled from data and is stored in a pattern-base. Business users need not perform data analysis, but simply query explainable knowledge on the intranet that has been automatically pre-mined. At the heart of the Knowledge Access Suite lies PQL: The Pattern Query Language\x99 which is a pattern-oriented query language specifically designed to provide business users access to refined information, just as they use SQL to access data.

The Data Mining Suite\x99 is an integrated set of products that provide a powerful, complete and comprehensive solution for large-scale enterprise-wide decision support and data mining. The system works directly on very large SQL repositories with no need for sample or extract files and delivers results on the web. Over 90% of computations are performed on the server, in parallel if desired. The system directly accesses large volumes of OLAP and relational data, incrementally discovers powerful patterns that are very general and powerful and go far beyond decision trees and simple rules. The system delivers automatically generated English text and graphs as explainable documents on the intranet.

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