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METASEARCH -- special search of meta data

ALERT! METASEARCH is deprecated in favour of the new and much more powerful query type search. See SEARCH and Query Search.


Parameter: Description: Default:
type="topicmoved" What sort of search is required?
"topicmoved" if search for a topic that may have been moved
"parent" if searching for topics that have a specific parent i.e. its children
"field" if searching for topics that have a particular form field value (use the name and value parameters to specify which field to search).
web="%WEB%" Wiki web to search: A web, a list of webs separated by whitespace, or all webs. Current web
topic="%TOPIC%" The topic the search relates to, for topicmoved and parent searches All topics in a web
!| name | form field to search, for field type searches. May be a regular expression (see SEARCH). | | !| value | form field value, for field type searches. May be a regular expression (see SEARCH). | |
title="Title" Text that is prefixed to any search results empty
!| format="..." | Custom format results. Supports same format strings as SEARCH. See Formatted Search for usage & examples | Results in table |
default="none" Default text shown if no search hit Empty
  • Examples:
        title="This topic used to exist and was moved to: "
    You may want to use this in Web Topic View Template and Web Topic Non Wiki Template:
        title="Children: "


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