A List of User Documentation

Documentation mainly useful to end users

Linking topics using acronyms.
Access Control
Restricting read and write access to topics and webs, by users and groups
Beginners Start Here
This is a short introduction to Foswiki.
Data Forms
Structured data, how to set up and work with data forms.
File Attachment
Each topic can have one or more files of any type attached to it by using the Attach screen to upload (or download) files from your local PC. Attachments are stored under revision control: uploads are automatically backed up; all previous versions of a modified file can be retrieved.
Formatted Search
Customize the display of search results.
Frequently Asked Questions
This is a real FAQ, and also a demo of an easily implemented knowledge-base solution. You may view the code for the topic creator or raw text of the whole topic to see how it was done.
Glossary Of Terms
Glossary of Foswiki-specific terminology.
Good Style
A short list of hints and recommendations that are considered basic knowledge when starting to edit existing topics.
Include Topics And Web Pages
Embed topics, or subsections of topics, or other web pages.
Installed Plugins
This site is running Foswiki version v2.1.6 , Release Foswiki-2.1.6, Foswiki API version 2.4
Special text strings expand on the fly to display information, or trigger a function.
Macros Quick Reference
See Macros for a detailed description of how to use Macros
Main Features
the ideal collaboration tool?
Managing Topics
Browser-based rename, move, copy, and delete for individual topics
Managing Webs
Browser-based rename, move, copy, and delete for individual webs
Preference Settings
A preference setting lets you define a simple macro that will be expanded in your output. In addition:
Query Search
Query searches help you search the contents of forms attached to your topics, as well as the values of other meta-data attached to the topic. Using query searches you can search:
Query Search Pattern Cookbook
This topic provides tips on the usage of Query Search.
Regular Expression
Regular expressions (REs), unlike simple text queries, allow you to search for text which matches a particular pattern.
Search Pattern Cookbook
The Search function is very powerful. Searches using a Regular Expression play an important part of tapping Foswiki's full potential. Unfortunately Regular Expressions can be incredibly obscure to the uninitiated.
Standard Colors
This table can be used to choose a color in Web Preferences of each web.
Text Editor
A text editor is different from a WYSIWYG editor because it doesn't do display formatting like bold type, or mixed font styles, sizes and colors.
Time Specifications
Date/time formats recognised and generated by Foswiki.
Topic Markup Language
The special text format used in Foswiki topics to simplify topic text.
Topics And Webs
What are Topics and Webs?
Twenty Minute Tutorial
This step-by-step, hands-on tutorial gets you up to speed with all the Foswiki basics...
User Setting
Some of the preference settings are explicitly intended to be customized by users, though a default is provided in System.Default Preferences and site wide customisation can take place in Users.Site Preferences.
Using HTML
When, and how, to use HTML in topics.
WYSIWYG is an acronym for for "What You See Is What You Get". Foswiki allows you to edit content using a WYSIWYG editor. This editor lets you edit the topic as it will appear when you save the topic, just like a text processor.
Wiki Culture
General concept and idea of wikis.
Wiki Syntax Summary
Online help for new users of Foswiki when editing a page.
Wiki Word
A WikiWord consists of two or more words with initial capitals, run together. Wiki Words are used to refer to topics.

Admin Documentation Category
List of documents relevant for the installer and administrator of the Foswiki installation
Admin Tools Category
List of tools available to the Foswiki administrator
Developer Documentation Category
List of documents for application developers as well as developers of skins and extensions.
User Tools Category
List of tools the user may need for setting and resetting passwords, changing email address etc.
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